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Creator of the original REAL MEN Tshirt

This Tshirt has become world famous. Men have been spotted wearing it in Sweden, Australia, Tasmania, Japan, Canada and the United States of America.

The popularity of the design is obvious to those of us who know and love poodles... after all, only REAL MEN are MAN ENOUGH to own poodles! :)

Pictured are two typical Aussie blokes, beer in hand, at a barbie, proudly announcing to the world that they, too, adore poodles - and are secure enough in their manhood to brag about it!


To buy your own Tshirt visit my CafePress shop.

Scooter and the Big Bad Cows

Available as a download: US$5.95


Zefi is a rare talent which encorporates her love of the poodle into her artwork. She lovingly crafted the graphic design for my personal website.
Zefi really listened to my desires and tailored the design so that it was a perfect fit for me and my needs. She also designed the graphics for my business cards and made several designs for the new Maine Poodle Rescue group at my request. There is no finer artist in the buisness, nor anyone else I would trust to create a logo which symbolizes me, my poodles, and the values I hold dear.

about me:

I'm an artist, dog groomer, graphic designer, poodle lover, horse owner, home renovator, DIY-er, hopeless gardener, recycler, groomer, crafter, blogger and wannabe superwoman.

I live on a farm in southern Tasmania and share my life with my partner, 2 standard poodles and a mutt with poodle aspirations, 3.5 horses (one is a miniature) and a fluctuating number of feathered friends. I'm addicted to making things. If I'm not making something I'm moving furniture, redecorating or watching TV curled up on the couch with a poodle or two. My partner shares my enthusiasm about the farm, but not so much my furniture moving.

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