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I have always loved dogs. My first dog was a silky terrier, and I grew up with german shepherds. When I was in my late teens I bought my first poodle, a white toy poodle called Timmy. That began my love affair with poodles.

I got into showing and breeding poodles in 1998 while living in Melbourne.

I have been grooming for over 15 years, starting while living in Melbourne and continuing in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania after moving here in 2003. I've been living and grooming in Magra since 2011.

Derwent Valley Dogs is now open 5 days a week, with appointments available on weekends by arrangement. I like to offer flexibility to my customers because I understand not everyone can fit into a work day schedule.

Unlike most shop based businesses, I do not expect dogs to arrive in the morning and be picked up in the afternoon. I book dogs in by timeslots, keep each dog in the least amount of time possible so that customers don't have to wait around town till their dog is finished.

Having said that, the new grooming room has a safely enclosed small yard which means I can now keep dogs during the day when necessary - doggy daycare. Your dogs can spend the day with me as I work.

Give me a call. We can work out a grooming schedule which will make you happy and keep your dog comfortable, healthy and cute as can be.

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