Services and products

At Valley dogs we offer the following services:

Brushing and dematting
Nails trimmed and filed smooth
Ears cleaned

Gift vouchers are available for that dog lover in your life who already has everything.

Also available are a selection of products to help keep your pooch looking good and feeling better between visits. To download the catalogue click below.

What a difference a professional groom makes!

Your pet will feel so much better after a wash and groom. They'll not only feel and look better, but they'll smell better too! Hard to believe these are the same dogs isn't it?

Don't let your dog get this bad

This little guy (below) hadn't been groomed for many months and he was so matted he needed to be shaved down to the skin. His coat came off in a solid 'pelt'. When it gets this bad its uncomfortable for the dog and can cause all kinds of skin problems. Not to mention that fleas and grass seeds could be hiding in there and you'd never see them.

Have your dog groomed regularly for its health and wellbeing.




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