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Just had to let you know how much I treasure the painting you did of Judd
and Chante. Everyone who sees it is just in awe of  how you captured the moment and the obvious bond between them. It is one of my most prized possessions and I can't thank you enough for it.
with warmest regards, Bonni, Judd and


A portrait is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. It's a moment in time captured in a way that will be enjoyed for a lifetime... and a great way to honour a cherished companion.

What does a painting offer that a photo cant?

A painting can be created from photos that are less than ideal, backgrounds can be changed, colours can be enhanced or changed. A photograph may be a great way to capture what's there, but a portrait can be so much more than that, often capturing the feeling, emotions and spirit of your pet.

Below are a couple of examples of the original photo and the finished painting. Composition and backgrounds can be changed to create something special.

Left: Maya on the grooming table was placed on a simple pink background to emphasise her femininity. I positioned her on the edge of the paper to create visual impact.

What will it cost?

Prices for commissioned portraits vary according to the medium and materials used (for example pastel or acrylic, paper or canvas).

Email me for a price-list and a personalized quote taking into consideration the size, medium and content of the portrait you want.

The basic requirements

In order to do a portrait I need at least one good quality photo of your pet. The photos need to be clear enough for me to see details and more importantly, I need to be able to see the spark in your pet's eyes which makes him special. You can email digital photos or mail them to me. All original photos will be returned to you.

Below are some photos that are nice to work with. In them the dogs almost fill the frame, the compositions are interesting and each of them captures the dog's personality.

Finished artwork is packed well and mailed to you - the cost of packing and shipping will be added to the final price. Postage costs will vary and I am happy to go over the available options with you.

Pay for your purchases securely online using Paypal - use your credit card, bank account, debit card or Paypal funds to purchase artwork or products from my shop through Paypal. Aussies have the option to pay via direct debit.

Pay instantly with PayPal.

Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to working together to achieve a painting that will delight you.

Take a look at my gallery for original art available for sale now.

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