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I am often asked to donate a painting or design in some format for particular clubs to help them raise funds for a good cause. Though I am always interested in helping a good cause, it's impossible to provide an original painting or other limited item for every good cause that contacts me. I have had to find ways to help good causes, while still being able to maintain my art and livelihood.

Some of these possibilites include designs that you can use for:

Auctions: Local or online auctions can be a great fundraiser for groups. If you are interested in an online auction event, but aren't sure how to go about the process, we can work with you via our own unique channels that have been helping dog groups raise funds online since 1999. This can include setting up the auction site and hosting it for a set time period, and working with you to run the auction. All you have to do is organise the items to be auctioned, work with us during the fundraiser, and then post the sold items to the winners in the end. Email me to discuss the possibilities for your group.

Apparel: Designs to be printed or embroidered onto items of clothing (vests, jackets, Tshirts) to be sold through your club at meetings or special events. These can be all purpose like a club logo, or specifically for a particular event or occasion.

Promotional material: Cards, magnets or any other items used as promotional material for your club or special event.

Contact me for to discuss what I can do to help your club raise awareness or funds for a good cause.

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