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Thank you for creating such a lovely site for the Boyd Fine Art Gallery, its working well and attracting new business and inquiries already.
Your creative talents are much appreciated
Malcolm Boyd
Boyd Fine Art

Dear Zefi
Thank you for our website  "Picardy Poodles"  we appreciate the time and effort you put into getting our site exactly as we wanted. I am sure we could not get the  attention and service from anyone but yourself.
Thank you
Picardy Standard Poodles

Web Design

With my extensive background in graphic and fine art, the transition to web design was a natural step forward. I apply the same principles of design, aesthetics and balance to create pages that will draw on screen with the same clarity, simplicity and beauty as they would on paper.

Aside from good design, some websites call for a more dynamic approach and include complex computer programming, eg. ordering systems or stock lists. I can produce a website that works for your business.

I work on the principle that the best web pages are often the simplest, that the secret to keeping surfers' attention is to have a website that's simple, easy to navigate and that contains interesting subject matter.

Contact me for a quote and to discuss how I can help you present your hobby or your business in a way that will not only attract attention but hold that attention.

Below are links to a few websites I have designed.


Pantone Poodles

Boyd Fine Art Gallery

The Poodle Room

Picardy Poodles

Toniri Toy Poodles

Minivale Miniature Poodles

Czamac Poodles

Carisbrook House Dog Retreat

Poodle Lane

Poodle Vision

Capricious Poodles

Debbie Knows

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